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Airline Review: EasyJet

Postiwyd gan sean123 o Caerdydd - Cyhoeddwyd ar 19/05/2015 am 13:44
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Last summer, I flew to Portugal (to Faro Airport in the Algarve) with EasyJet and I must say how impressed and unimpressed I was with the airline.

I am writing this article so that if you are flying with EasyJet this year, you don't have to be worried by the rubbish programmes you see on the TV (Airline UK) that just show the unhappy, attention-seeking customers.

As I previously wrote in my piece about Cardiff Airport, there aren't many airlines flying from Cardiff, so I had to fly from Bristol.

Interior and Quality
As I entered the Airbus A320, I could smell something that smelt like food. It was a bit annoying and made me feel sick a bit, but that was compensated for by the really comfy seats as I sat down on Row 16 with a view out onto the wing. As it is a budget airline, there were no TV's unfortunately, but there was a retractable table and there was a lot of overhead storage above. The flight safety card seemed adequate as I read through it; just like any other airline.

Choice of Food/Duty-Free Products
The choice on the menu was incredible! It was very early in the morning though, so I didn't really have anything big, but I did have a Pepsi Max and a tub of Pringles. The prices were actually very reasonable as well, which can't be said though for the duty-free products, which were heavily overpriced and just the same as normal products you can buy in the shop.

The staff both ways were quite sulky and they didn't produce the high standards of service that you would expect when you pay in excess of £250 per person. It was like they hated their jobs. My sister tried to smile at one of them but they just sternly stared back, frowning. 

Overall, I think that EasyJet is an okay airline to fly with but the staff's attitude to work could be much better.


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Images Credits: Wikimedia (EasyJet, Interior, A319)

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