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Access all Eirias Review

Postiwyd gan thechaser o Conwy - Cyhoeddwyd ar 26/07/2014 am 20:34
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Tom Jones

The day finally arrived when it was time to get ready for Access all Eirias and a night of music from Tom Jones. As well as two previous acts before Tom himself, one being a contestant called Sally Barker from The Voice on Tom's team who sang songs from her latest album as well as songs from the show.

The weather on the whole night was lovely and warm. The staff were helpful and polite considering they had to work in that heat but the music of the night would've made up for it.

Most of the music were surprisingly youthful for any youngsters that were there that night which shows just how popular Tom is in North Wales. When it came to Tom's music he played a lot of the oldies that got everyone dancing and clapping and singing along right there with him.

The music was amazing along with some new songs we hadn't heard of but still got everyone screaming and singing along as well as dancing along with the music. The band Tom had during the night was amazing and very talented and showed off their skills throughout the night.

The night was just as amazing as last year and I'm sure next year will be just as amazing and each previous year. I look forward to another year of Access all Eirias. As well as a night of HEART announcing the show as well each act while trying to keep the crowd warmed up for each performance.

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