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Fork in the Road

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Wales Millennium Centre Roof Void
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“First you learn to cry without sound and then you learn to cry without tears. That is true pain and suffering; that is the loss of all hope.” This is the story of a young man who has escaped death countless times in his short life. Rebel soldiers destroyed his village; he spent three years on the run having escaped being a child soldier; and he lived in the forest like an animal, surviving disease, famine, tribalism and a severe breakdown as a result of the trauma he had experienced in the war. This was followed by 16 years in a refugee camp with no hope for a future beyond the confines and constrictions of being labelled a “refugee”. Benson Wereje shares his story and his remarkable journey. “There is nothing beyond happiness, I am happy for who I am. I am grateful that life has put a smile on my face. People say the sky is the limit but I believe for me the sky is not the limit, so much is beyond that sky. Great things lie ahead.” Audience members will have the opportunity to talk with Benson after the performance in a brief question and answer session. 5:45pm daily with an extra 1pm show on Thurs Tickets are available online: or over the phone: 029 2063 6464 Age guidance 14+ (no under 2s) The performance space is accessible to assisted wheelchair users. Please contact the Ticket Office on 029 2063 6464 for further details.

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