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Your Opinions: Iran's President Calls For Gender Equality

Posted by WHFuchs from Cardiff - Published on 24/04/2014 at 14:52
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“According to Islamic criteria, we believe that neither men are the first gender, nor women are the second gender. We believe men and women not as confronting each other, but that women cooperate along with men in the same side, and both deserve human dignity and honour,” asserted Rouhani, and that “neither men are superior than women; neither women are inferior to men, and they share the same single soul.”

The issue of gender equality is a tough one, stereotypes that refuse to go away, poor representations of women in media, misinterpretations of what people are actually saying on the matter and much more. In a recent address at a meeting of women attending the National Festival of Women Achievements in Economy and Culture; the president of Iran called for gender equality, stating the above quote.

Sprouters what I'd like to know is how important is gender equality to you? what do feel about Iran, an islamic country, so stereotyped as seeing women as second class, might have a better attitude towards equality then 'the civilised west'? and of course, where is the UK actually going wrong in its to have a more equal society?


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