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Who Actually Voted Tory?

Posted by 30SecondsToMadness from Cardiff - Published on 12/05/2015 at 11:13
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The results of the 2015 general election came as a shock to everyone - we were a nation that expected a tight call and highly negotiated coalition; a definitive Conservative majority government was the last thing anyone predicted.

And there has been uproar, groups threatening to form protest marches against Conservative Cameron before the votes were even counted, many Labour supporters willing to put up a fight for what they voted for and believe in.

But the main group that is disgruntled and unsettled by this outcome are those who voted for the first time on the 7th, those who turned 18 in time to, as they thought, have their voice heard on a national scale.

But we just aren't feeling that.

Aside from whether the Tories are the best thing for our country as a whole, youth in Wales - Cardiff in particular - are feeling like we made a statement with our votes that we thought was a shout in the right direction, when in actual fact it turned out to be a mere whisper that got drowned out by every other generation of voters.

Because, around Cardiff, there have been pickets, flyers, letters, candidates and social media campaigns everywhere, resulting in a display of massive support for Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party - but not a word from the Tory mouths. Not a leaflet, a picket, a sign, a Facebook post.

While some may argue that this is because Wales has notoriously been a 'safe seat' for Labour after the mine closures of Thatcher's reign, it also gives the impression that most of our votes in Cardiff were not really important to the Conservatives - and I guess they weren't. But it also means that we, as voters, have seen no correlation between our votes and opinions, and the result of that in parliament.

And we have ended up with a government that doesn't really suit us.

Because, to be honest, as a generation we are really quite left-wing. We believe in social rights and equality, freedom of speech, individual choice and sexuality, and the importance of these things being taught in schools. We believe in equality of opportunity, and the benefits of our welfare state. We believe in the importance of education and in trying to close the gap between that 1% that are better off than the other 99% of us. We believe in change. For all us new voters it is social issues, things like tuition fees, youth cuts and the NHS that matter, and, above all, democracy and a chance at being heard.

So who actually voted Tory? Is this just the result of older generations keeping them in? Or is it the youth? In Wales at least it takes a lot of guts to vote Conservative, the risk of ridicule and accusations of being a snob or a traitor and hating the poor resulting in a lot of secret and shamed Tory voters, and the almost persecution of those openly admitting their views.

I'm not saying that a solely Tory government will be a bad thing, or that the country will fall to its knees under Cameron. I am not saying that there should be the negative label attached to Welsh Conservative voters who obviously felt the need to hide how they were voting. And I'm not saying that there was no success, as many areas around Cardiff and South Wales remained - or became - Labour or Plaid constituencies.

I'm just saying that, as a generation, we would like a little more left-wing in the system, even if it's just to moderate the Tories.

In my opinion, bring back the Lib Dems.

Bring back Clegg.*

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Commented 12 months ago - 12th May 2015 - 14:04pm

What we need is some form of proportional representation. Between them, the Green Party and UKIP got over 5 million votes, but only 2 seats. The Tories got 11 million votes (just over double) but 331 seats! there's no logic or justice in that.

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 12 months ago - 12th May 2015 - 14:32pm

We have an article that'll we'll publish soon on electoral reform, sure that will touch on proportional representation



Commented 12 months ago - 12th May 2015 - 16:56pm

I agree with Samuel Patterson; that is very unfair however with your opinion 30secondstomadness I would have to disagree as Nick Clegg is not a very good leader; he has now resigned. If any other party apart from Conservative were to win I would say that Labour or UKIP should win. And maybe there is a reason why the Lib Dems only won 8 seats................

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