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To The Stars, Sir Patrick...

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 13/12/2012 at 12:54
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It was whilst scrolling through Facebook the other day, when I discovered that Sir Patrick Moore has died. Even though I had rarely watched The Sky At Night , I was filled with sadness. I had always admired his eccentricity (a word often affiliated with me) and skills as a musician in xylophone playing. But my love of astronomy saw me do a module of the study in my degree. I even did my dissertation in it. 

It remains the most accessible of the sciences, with amateurs of the field scattered all over the world (Moore prided himself on being as such) and even discovering new objects in the sky. But can anything else rival that of gazing up into the cosmos? What do you feel when you look at the stars? (Listening to the theme tune for The Sky At Night by Sibelius as well. It fills me with awe, perfect choice for a television programme).

My love of astronomy came from my lecture in university. Being the only lecture I have as a friend on Facebook, it is his approachability and passion for astronomy that made me catch the bug. 

On the other hand, the class in which I studied with, we're a curious mix of people who I didn't always level with. The trips to Scotland and Poland with them could easily be travel pieces which I could expand upon in other articles. Maybe...

It is perfect time of year for stargazing, and with a meteor shower in a matter of days it's more a case of why wouldn't you. Yes it's cold, very cold, but the stars on a clear night will astound you, if you want them to (telescope not required!). Light pollution is also a major issue which need tackling.

I recall the other week that apparently, if we had a mirror large enough, several light years from Earth and its coordinates positioned to such a degree whilst using a humongous telescope, we could actually witness once more the Apollo moon landings. If that isn't fact, think about this: When you look at Orion Nebula (or Messier 42 if you will) you see it as it was one thousand, five hundred years ago. Deep...

I'm also looking forward to the Moore tribute which should be on our boxes very soon. If you want to know more, there's plenty on the iPlayer etc. 

So yes...Look up! Look up! And drink in the glory and wonder of the stars...

Sir Patrick Moore In Pictures

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IMAGE: Thomas Shahan

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