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Street Art Or Mindless Vandalism?

Posted by hisgirl210410 from Cardiff - Published on 22/04/2012 at 12:34
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I spent a few days in Bristol during the holidays, I love Bristol; don’t ask me why I just do! One thing that I love in Bristol is the street art or maybe better known as graffiti.

My love of street art started after an exhibition in Bristol Museum of Banksy, one of the best-known graffiti artists from Bristol.

I spent hours walking around and taking hundreds of photos of anything that was added to a wall with a spray can. Nelson Street, not far from the town centre was my favourite by far, a women in a shop I’d gone into said I have to go there when I said that I was interested in the street art in Bristol. It had been the centre of a See No Evil Project where artists from all over came and transformed the street from colourless to colourful. I found myself amazed at what can be done with a spray can and a wall; these people truly have a gift. It got me thinking about graffiti and art and maybe there shouldn’t be such a negative view of it. Being from Cardiff, street art is hard to come by but tagging is everywhere.

I feel that tagging is simply mindless vandalism and really got to me when I was in Bristol as some of the best pieces of work had been tagged with black spray paint. Why do people feel the need? A question I kept coming back to.

Is tagging a cause of jealousy? Or a feeling of uselessness? Not being able to produce something so artistic so having to ruin it!

There are many young guys that have not academically excelled that express themselves through art. I feel that Bristol gives young artists the space and chance to express themselves in this way. I’d love to see Cardiff getting involved with the street art scene but I don’t think it will happen any time soon.

Some of my favourites are pictured above.

So is it art or vandalism?

After much thought I think it’s a bit of both but the difference is obvious!

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Commented 49 months ago - 22nd April 2012 - 14:00pm

I think there is a good street art scene in Cardiff, there's always workshops and stuff happening, I just don't think it is as big or indeed supported as much in Cardiff - don't think the council want spray paint on all the new stuff they keep building.



Commented 49 months ago - 22nd April 2012 - 18:43pm

ooh really? where too? love to go check it out :) x



Commented 49 months ago - 23rd April 2012 - 09:48am

Spar Warz do a lot of hip-hop and street art nights, Cruel Vapour is another name to look out for and there's a place up in Llandaff called The Boiler House (http://boilerhousegraffiti.com/) that appears to do loads of events and stuff.

I like the panda towards the end of Richmond Road, not sure who did it.

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Sam Sprout (Editor)

Commented 49 months ago - 23rd April 2012 - 12:53pm

Nigel from Canton Greens got in contact on Twitter with a link to this article about graffiti and stuff.

Oh and the panda is by Cruel Vapours (there's a pic of it in the article)



Commented 49 months ago - 23rd April 2012 - 13:42pm

I think that tagging is just a method of ensuring that you feel important. Most of the people who go around tagging walls randomly are just trying to feel like they'll be noticed because inside, they don't feel like they've achieved enough.

Tagging your works is fine obviously, many modern day artists do it the same way that renaissance artists did. But tagging nothing isn't even tagging: it's just making it obvious that you shouldn't be on the streets.



Commented 49 months ago - 24th April 2012 - 16:28pm

Amazing! Cant wait for the sumer holidays to come so i can get out and find this stuff in Cardiff, I remember that tag on the letter box from when i was at the school! x

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