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Review: Welcome To The Warehouse @ Splott Warehouse

Posted by Tansi from Cardiff - Published on 06/10/2014 at 17:01
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A review by you#youcreatethenews

Welcome To The Warehouse
Splott Warehouse, Cardiff
Saturday 4th October 2014

When I got to the event, I didn't realise that it, in so little words, was a rave...

It consisted of being in a large and empty warehouse that was decorated in a jungle theme, which I personally thought was awesome. They had birds hanging from the ceiling that were hand-made, using what looked like bottles of water (filled with colour) and feathers added to make them into birds. It was really cool and effective!

The day started off slow and not many people arrived for the early stages, but it slowly started to fill up and it gradually got busier.

After 7pm, it was full, and there were still many more people left to arrive as queues were long and winding! So, that's the basics of what happened and the people... 

Now to the music!

Splott Warehouse promotional video.

There was a centre stage - again decorated in the jungle theme - where the DJ's and other acts would perform their music. Most of the music was computer-generated but what I thought was really cool was the extra bits of live music added in, for example, when the drum and bass would kick in, sending vibrations throughout the whole warehouse. The DJ himself would be playing some of the drum music, which was really effective and entertaining and got the public's enthusiasm to dance more.

The lighting effects also made everything better. It was more enjoyable to watch when it was dark because it made the lights shine brighter, and the colours were more vibrant and enticing to dance to!

As the night rolled on, the acts changed, and, as the drinks kept flowing, the dancing kept coming! Everyone was having a great time - you could tell from the smiles and laughter and all the swaying bodies dancing to the music.

It was a fantastic night and you could see that everyone enjoyed themselves. All the acts were great but the headliners, Chase and Status, were by far the best! Their presence and vibe stole the show and the audience particularly rocked to Alive

I highly recommend if you're 18+ to look into the next event by Little Bigfoot because it's well worth going. I had a fantastic time and feel greatly honoured to have been able to be part of it!

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