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Review: Vale of Glamorgan Festival - Chamber Choir Ireland @ RWCMD

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 27/05/2014 at 14:22
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Chamber Choir Ireland
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama 
Thursday 15th May 2014

My second appearance for this year's Vale of Glamorgan Festival was to see Chamber Choir Ireland. We had more Tarik O'Regan on the programme, but this time, the field that has achieved him the most praise: choral writing. 

Acallam na Senórach is an Irish Colloquy, composed by O'Regan. It details some Irish stories concerning Saint Patrick (who was in fact Welsh) and his witnessing of stories told by the great Irish warriors. With around 80 or 90 to pick from, the score focuses on a mere half-dozen. The stories I have tried to read from Ireland may be distracted and spiralling (whilst the Welsh Mabingoi tales are very clear and concise and must be read), but the music throw-ins and surtitles were a big help for the evening, even if it has all been translated from Middle Irish. 

At times evoking Bach, or church church in general, it presented an array of vocal sounds and graces for this choir to tackle (one part even in Latin). One of the female singers sadly had a coughing fit for some part of this and was not able to sing. It's sad to see this, when you know this person has devoted their livelihood to their voice. Yet they all retained a professional standing and had a rich, harmonious sound to melt your ears down to your laps. 

Marvellous music-making.

Rating: 7/10


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Photo Info: Chamber Choir Ireland (obtained from valeofglamorganfestival.org.uk)

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