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Review: Triongl - Miramar @ Chapter

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 11/06/2015 at 17:12
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  • Photo Credit: James Williams (Studio Cano)

Triongl - Miramar
Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Wednesday 10th June 2015

In these troubling times of recession, budgets and repossession, you can feel there is very little reason to stay in the UK for five more years of Tory power.

Presented here by Triongl (a new theatre company), is Miramar. 74-year-old Enid has just lost her husband. She will become homeless, due to the mortgage on her house and new owners quickly move in, as a holiday home in Wales. When they are not there, Enid moves back in and tries to restore order to her life. Enid is the then visited by the new owners daughters and the plot thickens...

Enid is played by Valmai Jones. I never really cared for her plight, as she was too busy plotting and scheming her way out of every predicament. With near savage wit and quick wills, she appears to deal with it all well (even imagining best case scenario reactions in her mind). The two daughters are Rebecca Knowles and Rebecca Smith-Williams, who are polar opposites, one a professional, the other a left-wing sort. The two counteract each other well. At times, the drama became a tad boring, but then for a quick game of fibbing or an off remark by any of the three ladies, perked things up again.

The play feels like it only half achieved its purpose (it was also opening night). I wonder how other pensioners would take Enid's action? But with desperate times, comes desperate measure. Imagine being kicked out of your home of over 50 years?

See for its take on current concerns of the elderly and the housing problem.

Rating: 3 stars

*This article has been amended and corrected on 13/6/15*

Miramar continues at Chapter Arts Centre till Saturday 13th June 2015

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Photo Credit: Jorge Lizalde

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