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Review: New Jersey Nights @ NT

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 07/11/2013 at 11:06
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  • New Jersey Nights

New Jersey Nights
New Theatre
Tuesday 5th November 2013

I feel I should know Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons better. But it was after the show that I realised I do know and love most of their songs.

The evening went through the motions with their finest output of vocal delights such as Talk Like A Man, Beggin’ and Oh, What A Night. Granted they did do covers from other groups, but these are just as good, if not better then the originals. With a cast of top notch singers and dancers, along with the band, we delved back into the smooth and swinging early sixties. You can see where the Bee Gees got a lot of inspiration, since Frankie and his counterpart here could sing very shrill and piercing notes when required.

It was another audience like with Thriller Live and Soul Sister, who knew what they were getting and enjoyed the heck out of the evening. The ladies next to me saying ‘Ahh, love him!’, after my response of ‘No’ from the singer who said ‘Does any one remember 1963?’. To be fair, that’s a long time ago (my own mother would have been ten) and not a lot of people did respond with a yes.

A highly amusing moment when one of the singers had to redo his scat singing introduction as the others riffed into him. One of them saying ‘Ladies and gentleman, the show will end at 1am’ and ‘Come on! These people could be watching fireworks’, then impersonating the sounds of one going off. The humour was great when it wanted to be and we could have done with some more of this. I’m guessing the real guys had New Jersey accents, or some sort of American accent. But this felt like a very Blighty affair, since all the leads sounded very much English. Posh English, at that. I feel that being true to the accents would go down much better.

Having both drinks (Coke and beer is never a good mix) for me and the plus one I never invited, I sat into the second part bloated and feeling sickish. The music quickly aided my illness and it was back to it. Perhaps my favourite part of the evening were the female dancers becoming fabulously The Ronettes for just a mere two songs. Be My Baby is one of all time favourites and that classic Da Do Ron Ron is annoyingly catchy.

This is a fine evening of songs. This golden era of music is at its best with The Four Seasons and is a bygone age of a great era in history.

Just wish I could have been there. But this show will have to do. *sigh*

Rating: 7/10

New Jersey Nights is at the New Theatre till Saturday 9th November 2013

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