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Review: Miss Havisham's Expectations @ RWCMD

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 11/03/2013 at 10:39
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Miss Havisham's Expectations 
Royal Welsh Collage of Music and Drama
Wednesday 16th January 2013

One big question lingers over Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. Just what exactly did Miss Havisham do in all that space of time? 

This question has been answered, of sorts by Miss Havisham's Expectations, a one woman show detailing her activity before and after her fateful day at the alter. Linda Marlowe plays the character in question and for a good hour gives us a roller coaster of emotions in her detailing of her events.

She would weave in and out of character throughout, addressing the audience as if we're in fact some Victorian audience. Her frantic energy had a great charm and elegant delivery. We see Estella, who is a viper of a character, betray her own mother in the girl's cruel and cold-hearted actions. Havisham says a daughter's heart could be terribly fickle. Hard to deny.

The scene in which she did the polka, she dances insanely. Her eyes had a demented look that took me by surprise. She played several chapters and the free programme listed them all. A lot to take in. I loved the fact that other Dickens characters tried to take over. Bill Sykes, on a screen attempted to tease the leading lady and do his usual thing of tormenting her. The idea of different chapters from different Dickens' stories would rival each other. Bit like King Lear interrupting Ophelia...

This piece was an hour long. It could have gone on longer and it should have started at 8pm; I looked at my watch when it finished and it wasn't even 8:30pm. Very early to finish a night at the theatre. 

This was also my first time at the Richard Burton Theatre in the college and it's surprisingly compact. I would like to sit on the balcony now, just to compare with the stalls. But I do wish they would have the clock room open. They have built one there as well. Please use it.

Rating: 7/10

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