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Review: La Traviata @ SDH

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 25/03/2015 at 12:04
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  • La Traviata

Opera and Ballet International (an Ellen Kent Production)
Saint David's Hall
Sunday 8th March 2015

Within Verdi's most-performed opera lies half-interesting melodies, tragic heartbreak and a towering glamour. Here, Ellen Kent's production is unabashed in its traditional and opulent staging.

As spoken of in my WNO review (synopsis also here), this is an opera I know too well. Rigoletto (synopsis also here) the night before was very appealing, but for me, the over-familiarity with this "fallen women" leaves me nearly untouched by her plight. Through debates with my plus one over the "truth" of Dumas' original novel (and play), along with the real events that inspired it, it all rings true of unwanted love - then a true appreciation for love, with tragic consequences. The cathartic way of dealing with heartbreak is of great interest to me.

As our Violetta, Alyona Kistenyova had a singing voice of a fine kind. The same can't be said of Alfredo, here played by Ruslan Zinevych, whose singing almost reached the brink of a black pearl (a voice crack in opera). Vladimir Dragos (who was Rigoletto the night prior) was a cruel and abusive Giorgio, father of Alfredo. His voice is grand, but I feel it could somehow be improved...

The sets are lavish, the opening scene blinding the audience with its light. The costumes were like falls of fabric, harking back to this marvellous time in Paris. 

This weepie still fills opera houses, their audiences keen to be moved and swayed by the graceful tunes of Verdi. 

Catch this "fallen women" on tour.

Rating: 3 Stars

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