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Review: Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre & Joe Lycett

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 21/10/2013 at 16:58
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Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre & Joe Lycett
Chapter Arts Centre
Saturday 13th July 2013

Like with dance, I confess that I don’t see enough comedy. But this night was a hilarious evening made has made me want to see much more.

Joe Lycett, who was replacing Nick Helm, proved to be just as funny as any major comedian on the circuit today. His whimsy and charm had a matter of factness that made for a sophisticated and campish act. Or as he put it ‘Joe Lycett so he should have put a ring on it’. Him being informed that his spirit animal is a walrus (who is now a sort of alter ego), his fake complaint letters and what the gay Olympics would be like (non Russia related) all made for some stellar humour and a wicked and sharp tongued act.

He confessed to being gay and asked if there were any in. I resisted the urge to speak up, plus no one else did. I’m never one for a comedian ripping into me, so I let it slide. His emails to the Daily Mirror about a certain celebrity kicking a pigeon as a photo for the paper was the highlight of his stand up.

The main reason for coming to his was for The Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre. I have been following it on YouTube for some time and when I knew there was a live performance of it in Cardiff, how could I possibly say no?

It’s very funny old fashioned Scottish humour which made for an hour of general hilarity and tears of joy unlike anything else. The show was set in space, apparently, with a thread of sci-fi along the way. Much of the wit came from elsewhere and it wasn’t until the end of the show that we got to be in space, but it’s all the funnier for that.

Like Tommy Cooper, it’s funny because things go wrong, very wrong missed cues, props falling, failed jokes (which our sock friends were more than happy to admit). Them asking for requests of Michael Jackson’s No. 1s songs was a great moment. Pointing out to a lady that the album Thriller went to number one and not the song (biggest selling Vinyl of all time. My mum still has a copy).

I shouted out the song Beat It as it was the only other one I could think of since all the others had been said. My reply back from one of the socks in classic Scottish style was ‘You beat it ya ****!’ much to my shock and sheer amusement. The David Bowie sketch along with the impersonation, almost had me on the floor in a fit of pain and monkey laughter.

Follow them on YouTube. It deserves much more praise

Joe Lycett Rating: 8/10
Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Rating: 9/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

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