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Review: BBC NOW – Szymanowski’s Second Violin Concert @ SDH

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 08/01/2014 at 20:07
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BBC National Orchestra of Wales (BBC NOW)
Saint David’s Hall
Friday 15th November 2013

Karol Szymanowski is the type of composer I have vaguely heard of, yet heard little of his work in the actual concert hall.

BBC NOW gave us two works by this Polish composer. His Festive Overture was what it said it was and started off the evening in a jolly and grandiose way. His 2nd Violin Concerto was played by Tasmin Little. This concert was billed greatly on her appearance in Cardiff, since she remains a great fiddle player. She plays for those who wouldn’t necessarily hear classical music, in places such as factories, mills and homes for the elderly. Her delivery was proud, refined and brought out the highly folksy Polish delights of the concerto. I didn’t have time in the interval for her autograph. Perhaps next time?

The first Symphony of Brahms followed. It’s his best symphony out of four and attempted to break away from the looming presence that was Beethoven in Germany at the time. This work was dubbed Beethoven’s 10th Symphony (Beethoven only wrote nine), but it became such a success, such assumptions were left behind and Brahms gradually gained more notoriety, even if it took him twenty years to write his first symphonic work. It remains elegant, chipper and most pleasing on the ears. With themes I had forgotten about (I have heard this live at least twice before), it is always welcome back to my ears.

I march on in more concerts.

BBC NOW never stop!

Rating: 7/10

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