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Review: Aomori A Film By Eilir Pierce @ Chapter

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 04/08/2014 at 12:00
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  • Aomori: Dancing In The Snow

This article (by you) refers to the film that coincides with this project

Review: 'Aomori' (Film)

Director: Eilir Pierce

PG, 40mins 

To coincide with the great success of Aomori Aomori at Chapter, film-maker Eilir Pierce ventured to actual Aomori in North Japan to witness the creative collaborative process for this project. 

The shock of finding a snow-capped landscape can cause great depression with locals in the winter months. Each artist comes to terms with the elements. It's perhaps not the best idea to dance in the snow, but a thrill to watch. 

The camera is content being on the floor, taking the dancer's movements. In this position, the camera gets an enhanced position compared to audience members seeing the actual show. Superimposed images of the dances and the landscapes of the area in Japan is a high point. Even in my own latest film, I'm debating whether to use superimposed footage. When used well like this instance, it is a visual feast. 

Speaking in Welsh, Sioned Huws details her views on the place and how the art came about from that. In the post-show talk, she remarked 'there is so much possibility in this room'. It's inspiring to hear an artist talk like this. She didn't really want Pierce to film the place at all, letting the dance do this role. The snow is very much a dangerous thing, speaking of how easy it could be just to rest in it for a little while, as your body has to cope with that. 

A polar opposite to this would be the performances in Florence, Italy last week in the blistering heat. Like in Cardiff, the show was taken outside for the final part. In Florence, this turned out to be in a big tourist area. Pierce remarked that people could have seen it as a 'freak show'. Perhaps not the best turn of phrase, but the body language of people there apparently said it all. 

This week has been a great Japanese discovery. We will see more local work as this mighty collaboration will continue in the future. Japan seek more artists and work. Now is the time for my artistic generation to utilise this great enterprise. 

Inspiring stuff for young artists of all kinds.

Rating: 8/10

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Photo Credit: Eilir Pierce

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