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Reading Power Book Club Meet Up: Readers Wanted

Posted by Reading Power from Cardiff - Published on 20/10/2014 at 12:26
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Reading Power Book Club is back with a bang and with a little twist, as there will also be a real-life meet up and discussion in Central Library as well as the online book club.

This month's book, Lemony Snicket's Who Could That Be At This Hour?, will be the subject of the first IRL Reading Power Book Club meeting. It will be in Central Library, beneath the stairs on Level 2 on a Saturday morning, 11am on Saturday 8th November 2014 to be exact.

Now even if you can’t make the meetings, you can still be a part of Reading Power Book Club, just as you could before. Visit the theSprout.co.uk, find out what the month’s book is and use the comment section to have your say, share your views and debate about the book.

While on theSprout you can post about what else you’re currently reading and future suggestions for the Book Club, as well as write your own book reviews. Oh and if you like free books why not come along to the next Sprout Editorial Group meeting (also in Central Library but on the last Thursday of the month at 4.30pm)? We always have a couple of books to give out, all we ask is a review in return.

The Reading Power Book Club is an online book club for young people in Cardiff and involves Reading PowerCardiff LibrariesTheSprout and you!

Reading Power Book Club Meeting

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