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Positive Mental Attitude

Posted by zippedlips from Cardiff - Published on 06/07/2012 at 16:33
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I have been inspired by YouTubers JettaVegas and ReLovePlanet to start having a positive attitude.

If you are close friend of mine, you know that my anxiety is pretty high. Obviously, this isn't a good thing so needs to change. This might sound weird coming from me but here are some simple tips on setting yourself on a positive attitude; be prepared and be productive. These are pretty much the priorities of your day.

If you are like me, you have procrastination problems. In order to decrease your procrastination, reward yourself by being creative, being active, being considerate, being yourself.

Sometimes these overlap which is great because you're having more variety in shorter amount of time; killing two (or more) birds with one stone. For example you might have some work to do for your art class so you are being productive and creative. You reward yourself by being active e.g. playing football in the park with some friends, being considerate e.g. sticking positive post-it notes in the park, being yourself e.g. playing on Xbox with some friends. You've got to make sure there is something you enjoy in it, otherwise it's not a reward.

If I washed the dishes as a reward (which I absolutely hate) it's going to go by really slowly and I might not even bother to finish it because I find it so boring. If I washed the dishes with my favourite radio station blasting, it's going to go quicker, it's going to be more enjoyable and if I can find enjoyment in something I hate, I am more likely to finish the task. That being said, I must be incredibly bored to have washing the dishes as a reward.

The main message is if you pay attention to all the little things that go right, rather than what goes wrong, you're going to have better outlook. Simple things like affirmations can really help; you can trick your subconscious into being happier. Your thoughts are basically you, if you think negatively it's going to be harder to bounce back. Writing little notes of positivity in places you see everyday can really change your attitude. Remember variety is the spice of life; it makes life more interesting so try something new.

For more tips and tricks on how to be positive go check out JettaVegas and RelovePlanet.

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