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Lines From Llanishen

Posted by ??? from Cardiff - Published on 21/11/2013 at 14:51
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The Sprout recently went along to Llanishen High School to collect an array of articles from a group of pupils. Here is a compilation of some of the shorter submissions and everything from football to public speaking is covered!

My Life Dance
I started dance when I was 7 years old where I danced at Llanishen Leisure Centre with my friends. After a few weeks one of my friends dropped out of dance because he was bored. A month after we did a street dance performance then a few months after that we did a Christmas performance. After two years of dance me and my friends quit because we said that it was getting boring because we were doing the same things over and over again.

By crazycreeper123

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Public Speaking
Public speaking scares me. Whenever I have to say anything to more than three people, I get really scared. Every time, just before I'm about to get up and do it, I think "Okay, this time I'm gonna do it right, this time I'm not going to shake, stutter, or anything like that..." and as soon as I'm up there talking, I'm doing all these things and worse.
If any of you know about any way to calm these fears, please tell me in the comments!

By HRHurley

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Work, Drink then Crack

Wales is a peaceful place.

The Welsh valleys. The place of tradition and pride. Where every man is a coal miner, with a child-bearing figured wife who brews warm broths for his return from a long, hard day of physically draining labour...

Everyone knows everyone in Wales, and everyone is happy living the traditional, simple Welsh way of life. Well. That was the way it appeared fifty years ago, anyway. Nowadays, people don’t crave a simple life like they used to. Big dreams, big cities and big pay cheques overflow the minds of young enthusiasts. Many people are still happy living the quiet community life, mind. Tom isn’t.

• Depressed
• Notices a crack glowing
• Enters the pub
• Gets chucked out for being too drunk
• Leans on the wall for stability while staring at the crack
• A hand pulls him by the neck through the crack
• Blackness fades and he’s lying in a fire place in a room that is unknown to him
• Maybe he’s been spiked?

By shoggy7

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So Little Time

It was the 86th minute of normal time. The crowd were silent. Was this the first time in history that Cardiff and Swansea supporters were not shouting abuse at each another? It is the FA Cup Final and Swansea are beating their Capital 1-0. Both teams are playing for more than the cup- they are playing for this year’s bragging rights, the South Wales derby is a momentous occasion for any Welsh person and it is the first time it has ever been played in England.
The pressure has been put upon the shoulders of Cardiff City’s Centre midfielder Gary Medel. The Chilean midfielder had just one a free kick on the edge of the box but Peter Whittingham, free kick taker, had gone off injured so it was down to him to take the free kick.
Gary Medel walked up to the ball the crowd cheered when they realised he was setting up for the free kick you could even here the faint sighs of the Swansea supporters as they feared the worst. Was this it, was this the changing point, could Gary Medel save Cardiff and give the fans what they wanted, a goal?
The well-known Gary Chant had become getting louder and louder with every step he took back, “Let’s go Gary Medel” ran around the stadium, the Swansea supporters did the best to block out the sound with their high pitched whistles and jeering.
Medel, the short, stocky midfielder well known for his short passing and pit bull like physique started his run up. It was the moment the world had been waiting for, he struck the ball with his laces low and it swerved around the wall and sailed passed the other defenders. Surely this was it, surely it’s going in. Vorm the Swansea keeper dived for the ball but he was too slow. The ball was already past him.
There was a split second of silence and then the crowd erupted, he had scored the late equalizer! Mutch and Campbell sprinted over to him and picked him over, and a million emotions went through him. After doing the ayatollah for the fans he ran back into his half and re-focused his mind for the last few seconds of the normal time.



“Please don’t do this, I still love you, I really do!” the sound of her gasping for breath and wriggling to escape his grip.
“You knew how much you meant to me. And you still went.”
He pulled her from being pinned the wall to floor and kicked hard. Right at her temple.
Silence. Then, the soft patter of rain at the window and the glug of dripping blood. First murder, done.

By edoylex


Eva (Snip of a Story)

‘’ROGUE VAMPIRES ROAMING LONDON GET YOUR NEWSPAPERS ERE’’ the paper boy cried as I awoke, his odour down the street waking me up before my old ears where abruptly beaten.

London 1710, I think it’s Friday due to the weekly sound of the market being assembled just outside. I walked to the window as slow as a human getting frustrated with the time I was wasting, but I don’t think Carol and Betty would appreciate the un-natural speed of a vampire. I take a few minutes to explain the sleeping girls faces, noticing any changes to the tone or any new wrinkles. As an immortal I witness the deaths of many friends so I take a great interest in the physical progress of their life. Strange hobbies and strange person.

I opened the dusty bedroom curtains to be hit with the warm inviting sun which instantly turns my golden night eyes into a pale brown. ‘’No surprises today’’ I say out loud. Clear as clear will be to my ears but obviously not to Carol, wide mouth and inhaling any unfortunate flys which cross her snoring path.
Although I’m technically dead seeing as my heart stopped beating 320 years ago, I believe this is my birthday. Friday 18th. My mind clenches as I remember the real purpose of this day. The feeding. Where vampires feed and humans die. I tend to stick to the disgusting people of society, murderers and rapists. Not hard to find in the streets of London.

My mind is broken by the usual disturbance of the daily roll call. ‘’Good mornin’’ I turned my head to see old Betty, a fair lady with grey hair. My bestest friend with the strangest eyes. One blue and one green…

By MythicWriter

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Commented 30 months ago - 21st November 2013 - 15:17pm

Good work guys!

Weeping Tudor

Weeping Tudor

Commented 30 months ago - 21st November 2013 - 16:16pm

Nice to hear you went to my old high school. Hard to believe I left nearly ten years ago...



Commented 30 months ago - 23rd November 2013 - 12:24pm

I am very proud of our school! :-)

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