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Globally Warming To Renewables

Posted by potterwec from Cardiff - Published on 30/09/2014 at 17:28
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In a week that many have labelled ‘historic’, not a lot has actually happened.

We still have Scotland despite the referendum, climate change is still a problem despite the UN climate summit and I still have dirty underwear despite our washing machine getting fixed.

400,000 people turned up for the People’s Climate March in New York last Sunday. A very impressive number which demonstrates the increasing unanimity in the consensus that global warming is being contributed to by humans.

Just how important and historic was this march though?

Good-intentioned people paraded through the streets in a crowd about as strong as that seen on St Patrick’s Day, but their chants were a little less Guinness and a little more nettle tea-fuelled. Was it all a bit tame to have any danger of altering the green targets world leaders would discuss one day later? It is climate change’s biggest problem that despite it being the greatest danger we face, it is not immediate enough for those 400,000 people to cause a real stir. Perhaps a Guinness or ten might have given the People’s March the right amount of paddy power to generate a march that insisted on the world leader’s looking up from their pre-prepared sheets of compromises.

The march was of course very important and the reason there was such a good turnout is because it is the one major problem that affects every single person in the world. It is the only thing that hipsters and bankers have a shared interest in: preserving the world we all live in and via. You can tell that something is important when Morgan Freeman is doing a voiceover and the soothing omniscience of his rhetoric was an appropriate accompaniment to the U.N. Climate Summit Film...

For some, even that inspirational video was not persuasive enough, but the UN had another trick up their sleeves. Leonardo DiCaprio, recently appointed as the UN Messenger of Peace addressed the UN climate summit and urged world leaders to “make history or be vilified by it”. Perhaps he has given up on winning an Oscar and instead fancies his luck at the Nobel Prize, but in spite of the hypocrisy of his message due to his own lavish jet-setting lifestyle, he was clear in providing a definite target that world leaders should set themselves in regards to renewable energy sources:

“The good news is that renewable energy is not only achievable but good economic policy. New research shows that by 2050 clean, renewable energy could supply 100% of the world’s energy needs using existing technologies, and it would create millions of jobs.”

This is an ideal that is not necessarily idealistic. It is a target that can be met and we must do our utmost to override politicians' vested interests and hesitancies as every obstacle to this ideal will be so painfully irrelevant as our planet becomes increasingly inhospitable.

This week the Department of Energy and Climate Change released figures that indicated that almost half of the power generated in Scotland now comes from renewable sources. They’ve got good form of topping up figures of ‘almost half’. But in all seriousness the progress they have made should act as both an inspiration and a wake up call for countries such as Wales who have the potential to be a world leader in the race to be 100% self-sustaining.

In another week where not a lot actually happened, we can still take some optimism. The amount of people involved in the climate march, coupled with the coverage that high profile names like Morgan Freeman and Leonardo DiCaprio bring to the issue, can give us hope that we collectively do have the capacity to make ourselves known to those that make the all important decisions.

There is only a splattering of climate deniers left and there is no need to waste our time trying to correct their faulty logic anymore. Hopefully by 2050 the only thing that is not renewable is the source from which these deluded dummies are coming from.

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