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Far Cry 4

Posted by ??? from Cardiff - Published on 31/03/2015 at 17:03
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Far Cry 4

Available on: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, PC Download

Released: 18th November 2015

PEGI: 18 years and over only

Far Cry 4 is an open-world game. In my opinion, it is a very awesome game. You explore a wide variety of animals, locations and people, and the graphics are out of this world.

In Far Cry 4, you are Ajay Ghale, a fighter for the golden path and a traveller in Kyrat. There is, of course, Pagan Min (the main antagonist in Far Cry) and his top men come to imprison you.

The enemies are different from the ones in Far Cry 3. But the worst enemies are the hunters. The hunters are very tough and very sneaky, and, if they shoot arrows at an animal, that animal will be their ally. Be careful against them.

However, not only that, in the game you go to an ancient place called Shangri-La. In Shangri-La, you are aided by a white tiger. This is all I can say about Far Cry 4.

Hope you enjoy it.

By xbox360player

Far Cry 4 is a really good game. I like it very much and I think other people will like it as well!

I think the game is a violent game but not too violent. You fight some enemies, and then you take over their village.

You get a thing called a wingsuit, which makes you fly. You get guns, the wingsuit, bows, cars, quad bikes and a mini-helicopter.

You also get hunters sometimes. When they see you, they can control animals.

Sometimes, you have to get rid of outposts. You can make maps for other people to try and you can try other people's maps as well, and that's all.

By Rhino

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Commented 13 months ago - 2nd April 2015 - 09:32am

I like the idea of playing games set on islands; I always have. But I've the impression this would be far too violent for me. I prefer the 2013 Tomb Raider, which despite its violence, was also very elegantly crafted focusing on the development of its heroine as opposed to how many people you can kill in under 10 seconds.

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