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EP Review: Maddie Jones - Mr Walrus

Posted by Magpie from Cardiff - Published on 21/11/2013 at 12:10
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I’m going to preface this review by saying that all musicians should find a way to factor kazoos into their performances. Seriously, we’ve got to make this a law, or something.

I say this because the first time I saw Maddie break out one of those little suckers out on stage it blew my mind. Then again, what was I to expect from such a talented and above all, creative artist? I’ve seen her live a few times now and she never fails to impress. I was keen to get my dirty little reviewer hands on a copy of her new EP Mr Walrus.

So on to the record itself. I was going to start this review by comparing it to other artists, but that’s just impossible. There’s no one quite like her out there. Across these six tracks we experience a euphoria of emotions, style and instruments (see above). And probably the thing that appeals most to me is that it all blends so well. It never feels like one sound is competing with another; it simply moulds into a beautifully calming singularity.

All in all, I really enjoyed the EP (impressive, considering I rarely stray from heavy metal). I was going to say my favourite tracks were the more bubbly Me, Myself and I or the ever entertaining No No No. However, as I’ve been typing, I’ve changed my favourite to Don’t Sit Still. When it’s playing, I can feel my heart rate drop and the tension flow away. Perfect after a stressful day, for sure.

If I had to find criticism, I would say that clocking in at around 25 minutes leaves me wanting more. But, on the other hand, this is only an EP and I’m sure there’s much more coming, soon enough.

Also, a bit of a side note but this sort of thing matters to me: credit to Kelly Bossano and Gigi Jones for some really nice album graphic. Very eye-catching.

So this is Magpie urging all of you who like their mellow acoustic music (those that don’t, too) to go out and find a copy of Mr Walrus by Maddie Jones. You can thank me next time.

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Photo Credit: Liam Conde

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