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Blue Fingertips: Part One

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 07/07/2011 at 12:50
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  • blue fingertips

She stared at the coffin I've never seen my sister like this before. She was always the happiest, energetic, bubbliest person I have ever known. That was until last Wednesday. 

Even though the Police said Dad's death was an accident, Caroline didn’t believe them.

She had snapped at me, "you know it’s not the truth either Debbs! Why won’t you help me! Come on we've got to find the truth somehow!".

She wouldn’t listen when I told her to just give up. Every time I walked into our bedroom she was always shutting down webpages or shuffling through Dad’s files. At the funeral we sat in the front row feeling a steady stream of comforting hands on our shoulders; the plump lady from Dad's work, Ruth, oour neighbours Roderick and Penny, Auntie Joan and Uncle Clive.

I was relieved when everyone left and Caroline and I had a moment alone. Until I was standing by Dad’s open coffin.

Blue Fingertips: Part Two

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IMAGE: Ghost Hand by Justin/G

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please someone comment i feel like a loner



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