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Actors & Graphic Designer Needed For Medusa's Trap By Erik Satie @ The Abacus

Posted by Weeping Tudor from Cardiff - Published on 12/11/2015 at 13:03
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Actors/graphic designer urgently required for play in Cardiff.

This is a notice from Weeping Tudor Productions. We require four actors and a graphic designer for our production of Medusa's Trap by Erik Satie. 2016 is Satie's 150th birthday and, starting with Medusa's Trap, there are many more events planned.

The characters/roles are:

  • Baron Medusa (rich land owner), male, age 40+
  • Frisette (his daughter), female, age 18-30
  • Astolfo (her fiance), male, age 18-30
  • Polycarpe (the baron's deranged servant), male, age 18+

The play will be in English, translated from the original French. 

We are not too fussed on gender binaries or ages. Weeping Tudor Productions welcomes LGBT+ people and cross-dressing/trouser roles are an option. The requirements above are just a template. Nothing written in stone.

Graphic designer shall create flyers and a programme for the show. If interested, please contact us by email: jamesellis12345@sky.com

The story:

It's an odd story about Baron Medusa, with his bizarre persona and how he deals with the courtship of his daughter to a suitor, all the while being abused by his butler. The piece will also feature a prepared piano and the the role of Jonas, the dancing monkey (role already filled).

Please email jamesellis12345@sky.com, if you would like to read the script of Medusa's Trap. No spam please.

For the audition, please bring:

  • Artistic CV with black & white photo.
  • Deliver a short humorous monologue of your own choosing. No more than 5 minutes long.
  • Tell the panel a funny quote. A sentence of two. Little more.
  • Tell the panel a joke. Make it a good one!

If you are unable to attend, please send over a short video of a high standard via We Transfer, with your monologue, quote and joke. CV's and photos can be sent over by email, if you are unable to attend. Send to the email above.

Dates and deets to know and note!

Auditions on Tuesday 24th November 2015 between 6pm & 8pm at The Abacus, Wood Street, Cardiff. CF10 1ER. Please arrive early. Promptness is politeness.

Rehearsals begin in late November/early December. Twice a week. More frequent rehearsals nearer to show date.

Performance is on Thursday 21st January at The Abacus, Cardiff. Also, a possibility of a performance in May, for the 95th anniversary of the premier of Medusa's Trap.

Actors will receive funding from the ticket sales. Graphic designer rate to be arranged shortly. Special callout for any graphic designer students who would be interested as well.

Hoping to hear from you soon!


James Ellis (Director)

Note from Weeping Tudor: "Like my namesake, a brand new theatre company is to be born. Weeping Tudor Productions shall stage rare, new and LGBT+ works."

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Image Credit: Warren Orchard (with permission)

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