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Whether you are living alone or with other people, you must keep your house secure to protect yourself and your possessions.

Here are some tips for staying safe at home:

  • Install a peephole in your front door. Security chains can be easily broken. Use the peephole every time before you open the door. Beware of bogus callers and always ask to see ID before opening the door
  • Ensure all doors and windows have good, strong locks
  • Never leave the house without locking every door and window securely, even if you are just popping out
  • Don't leave valuables, such as TVs, computers or DVD players, in sight of windows and doors where burglars can get a good look at what you own
  • Never leave keys in a lock. Even if you are home, put them out of reach of the door or window and hidden
  • Use an invisible security marker pen to put your postcode on valuable items like bikes. This will help them be identified as yours by the police if they get stolen
  • Leave lights on when you leave the house. This gives the impression that someone is home
  • Fit a security alarm if you can afford one
  • Keep garden gates, garage doors and sheds locked at all times
  • Imagine you are a burglar looking for ways into your house and reduce the opportunities - trim back branches that led to windows or put trellis on your fences to stop them being climbed on
  • Never leave spare keys under pots, mats or on top of door frames. Burglars know this trick too!
  • If you are going away, cancel milk deliveries and papers and arrange for a neighbour to collect your post so it doesn't accumulate. Never let your house look deserted
  • Join the local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and always keep an eye on other houses in your street for strange activity

If you ever feel unsafe in your home, call a neighbour or a nearby friend and ask to stay with them. If you think you are in immediate danger, call 999.

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