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Self Harm

Self harm can include

  • cutting
  • burning
  • scalding
  • banging heads and other body parts against walls
  • hair pulling
  • biting
  • swallowing or inserting objects
  • self poisoning.

It is a sign of emotional distress that something is seriously wrong. Self harm is a deeply personal thing and individuals are likely to have a preferred method and part of the body to self harm.

Although some people see it as a ‘release’ from their problems, self harm can lead to serious injury or infection. Although it is most often used as a coping mechanism, self harm can lead to suicide in some cases.

If you are feeling depressed, anxious or are having feelings resulting in self-harm, try talking to someone. It doesn’t have to be your family or guardian, you could talk to friends, your doctor or a teacher you trust. There are also plenty of confidential helplines available with people ready to listen.

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