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Do you know where our gas and electricity comes from? What powers your radiators to keep you warm and where does the kettle get its energy to boil water?

Today, most of our gas and electricity comes from fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas. They were formed hundreds of millions of years ago and are found underground and under the ocean floor.

Once fossil fuels are located under the ground, they are brought to the surface and converted into energy through burning.

Unfortunately, fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. This means they exist only in a fixed amount and cannot be easily and quickly reproduced once they run out. Burning fossil fuels also releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the environment that results in pollution and global warming.

There are however cleaner ways of generating the energy we need. We can do so by harnessing wind, sunlight, plant matter, or heat from the Earth's core and producing electricity that is environmentally friendly.

This section will introduce you to different ways of harnessing the world's energy, as well as ways of saving energy in your everyday life.


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