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Qualifications prove that you‘ve gained knowledge and developed your skills, can help you to get a job, get into higher education or gain a place on a training course.

Some qualifications are awarded when you sit a final exam whilst others are assessment based, with your work being graded as you go along, some are a combination of coursework, assessments and exams.

In school you study for GCSE's, NVQ's or the Welsh Baccalaureate but after that there are lots of different qualifications you can study for at different levels.

There is a lot of advice available to help you find something to suit your abilities and interests. You could study for academic qualifications such as A levels or a degree, or you could choose a qualification that’s related to a specific interest that you have or job that you’d like to do.

Certain jobs and careers require specific qualifications, for example medicine and law require a degree qualification, as well as experience and training. Some qualifications can be worked towards while you work and gain experience, for example youth work qualifications.

You will find that many jobs advertised will ask for certain qualifications from the people applying. You may also need certain qualifications to apply for a particular training course.

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