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Most people have ideas about what they want to be in the future but do you know how to get into your dream job, is it realistic and would it really suit you?

Its perfectly normal to be unsure about what career you would really like, quite often the job you start with is not the career you end up with. It can take time to find your vocation and you might change careers a number of times throughout your life.

When you are in school or college you are entitled to talk your ideas over with a Careers Adviser from Careers Wales. They can help you look at your career ideas and the best way of achieving them for you.

You will get chance to see a Careers Adviser during careers related talks in the classroom and also during an individual Careers Interview. You should automatically get a Careers interview during Year 9 and 11 but you can ask to see a Careers Adviser at other times if you need to. Careers Advisers are also available to help you when you leave school or college and through your adult life.

Services from Careers Wales are free to everyone living in Wales.

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