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Today is #WorldPoetryDay, which, to us, means it is time to celebrate!

I could put in some cheese, such as ‘It may be World Poetry Day but every day is a poetry day on theSprout’, but, even though it is largely true, it will probably turn you off this article!

Instead, I will just present you with a single statistic: in the last 11 days alone, theSprout has published 9 poems submitted by young users in Cardiff!

So, although the cheese smells terrible and doesn’t sit comfortably on the palate, it is strong in substance, rich in truth and doesn’t crumble easily…

Below is an introduction to those poems aforementioned, as well as the 3 most-read poems on theSprout of all time!

Poem: Pulling Petals

I think I pull my own petals
because isn’t it always a game

and I know how to hurt
but not how to bleed

This Is A Love Poem

I used to think that I would
always write falsely,
lie prettily,
pretend to write about love
when I was writing about mimicry 

Poem: Self-Harm

My wrist is screaming
"Cut me"
My hips are screaming
"Tear into me"
And my mind...
My mind is just screaming
"Help Me!"

Poem: Winter

On a cold Winter’s night,
Is the best time of all.
When I can sit and write,
Wrapped in my comfy shawl.

Poem: Writer's Block

One Direction and love stories fill the room
But I am sat here on my own humming a little tune
Again I beg for help
This is boring me to death give me something to write about
Because that’s what I do best. 

Poem: Life Of A Fangirl

Three times your age,
And twice your height.
About their accents we rage,
And we faint at their sight.

Poem: The Break Up

"I can’t take it anymore it’s over.
And I know that I say this a lot.
I have found a perfect partner.
And you, my dear, she is not."

Poem: I Miss You

But now you’ve moved away,
To start a life new.
Although I know one day you’ll return,
I can’t help but feel so blue. 

Poem: Post-16 Mistakes

Society has filled me with anxiety
Teaching me the only way to success
Is to never be a mess
Because failure means you're worthless.

Top 3 Most-Read:

1. St. David's Day Poem

Welcome to Wales, the wide sign read, 
"Well thank you very much," the lorry driver said.
He sighed at the price, he was rather thrifty,
The toll had gone up to ten pound fifty.

2. Edward Cullen Poem

He was the first vampire that Carlisle created,
After that all his life he hated,
He wishes he were mortal,
He wants to go back into the portal.

3. Ode To Pen

Alas! Alack!
Ink will not spew forth;
Chunder hence dark liquid!
My paper lies, a naked white virgin upon my desk.

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