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Under Construction Festival 2012

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  • UCF 2012

The Summer Holidays; six(ish) weeks to fill with whatever you feel like doing. But what happens when you run out of ideas? Are you just going to sit at home for days on end, doing the same things over and over again with no one but the cat to keep you company?


You could try something fresh and exciting, something that will teach you new skills and allow you to meet interesting people who share one common interest; the arts.

The Under Construction Festival is returning to Cardiff this August, with just as much creativity, music and entertainment as always. This festival brings together unsigned bands and an enthusiastic audience to create the perfect mixture of music and party. What's even better is that it's absolutely free to turn up.

Being young people, we love to join in and have a go ourselves. This event, as it was also organised by adolescents, has a variety of free workshops available to try out. These cover everything from breakdancing to drumming, from polishing up your DJ skills to practicing spray-painting.

This year, the increasingly popular band Inconsiderate Parking are returning to the stage as they have done for the past few years, along with plenty of new acts that cover every genre under the sun.

To keep in line with the recent flare in a passion for 'going green' (and to keep down energy bills), the stage itself is solar powered. So fingers crossed for plenty of sun over the summer!

So, if you do feel like having some fun in the holidays, and if you're free from 12 - 7pm on Saturday 11th August 2012, you should check out the Under Construction Festival. Just turn up at Maindy Cycle Track along with the rest of the crowds and mingle with all the talent on show. And, most importantly, enjoy yourself.

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