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No Parking: An Alex Mills Photoshoot

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Much to theSprout’s excitement, we were recently invited behind-the-scenes at an Alex Mills Photographic photo shoot with local band (and Sprout favourites) Inconsiderate Parking.

Alex had already scouted out several location ideas and gave us a preview of these while we were waiting for the band who, in true rock-and-roll style, were a little late in turning up to the shoot! We didn’t particularly mind as Alex took us on an interesting tour of the back streets of Cardiff Bay while we were waiting. We were introduced to parts of Cardiff we had never seen before: tyre-filled alleys, barbed wire-surrounded work sites and, of course, grubby car parks.

The band finally arrived with their incongruous instruments in tow (Rob plays a ukulele, Joel a melodica and James a guitar). Alex chatted to them about his ideas for the shoot. He wanted to get some natural shots of the band performing firstly and so sat them in front of a conveniently located ‘No Parking’ sign at the back of a rubbish-strewn industrial estate and got the band playing.

After contorting himself into all sorts of positions to get the photos he wanted, Alex unveiled some comedic props; most notably a very miniature child’s police car that he wanted to squeeze Rob into. Against all the odds of space and gravity we finally managed it and got the brilliant pictures that can be seen above. Much more photographic fun ensued with this prop, including some hilariously exaggerated mock car crashes and hit and runs. By the end of the shoot everyone had had some kind of weird contact with the blue and white plastic toy.

Tesco car park was the second location of the shoot. theSprout helped commandeer a trolley and stealthily sneaked it over to the shrubs in the corner of the car park to be filled with the bands' instruments. Several more group shots were taken, along with some individual pictures. By this time it had begun to get late and it was getting dark so Alex called it a wrap. When the band were asked if they had enjoyed their first ever shoot Rob replied 'Yeah, it was cool. Good to have it with a real professional.'

It may have been the first professional photoshoot for Inconsiderate Parking but theSprout is sure it won't be their last. We’re also hoping it won’t be our lastafter Alex’s use of us in his test shots theSprout staff have decided to pack in all this writing malarkey and begin fulltime careers as models. See us next on the cover of Vogue. Or maybe just in the pictures of theSprout Zine launch party. Well, everyone has to start somewhere!

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Dan (Sub-Editor)

Dan (Sub-Editor)

Rhoddwyd sylw 69 mis yn ôl - 24th August 2010 - 15:32pm

This was a fun night. :) What happened to the photos of me dancing around in a historic motorcycle helmet with Rob's ukulele? I want them for Facebook!

If anyone hasn't voted in Battle of the Bands yet, there are a few days left before the deadline. Inconsiderate Parking are one of the bands you can vote for, along with loads of other great Cardiff bands.

Go vote, quick!

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